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SUPERA KVALITETA provides business consulting services related to statistical data processing and statistical data processing itself for various needs: 

  • resolving deviations and corrective actions
  • process and product validation
  • process development, improvement and optimization
  • preparing annual quality review
  • processing the results of stability studies
  • process and final control data processing
  • statistical processing for the purposes of scientific and other projects 
  • statistical planning of experiments (Design of Experiment) and statistical processing of the results obtained
  • determining the required sample size and preparing sampling plans according to an acceptable quality level

For statistical data processing we use the licensed software STATISTICA. 

STATISTICA software is validated and recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory institutions.

Statistical data processing includes:

  • transfer of data from Excel to STATISTICA - if the data are not yet entered to Excel, we send the table format for entering the necessary data
  • transfer of statistical results (tables and graphs) from STATISTICA to Word
  • interpretaciju dobivenih statističkih rezultata, komentare, i objašnjenja
  • interpretation of obtained statistical results, comments, and explanations
  • additional consultation, if needed

We have done numerous statistical processing for doctoral dissertations, scientific and professional papers in the field of medicine, pharmaceutics, dentistry, veterinary, biochemistry, food technology, economics, marketing, agronomy, psychology.

We organize and perform in-house trainings in English language in the field of statistics.